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Supermarket Swap

Ninety percent of the time anything battered, breaded or fried is going to be on the “do not eat/seldom eat” list for a health conscious individual; they are carb- and fat-loaded with little nutritional benefit aside from temporary satisfaction. Greasy, … Continue reading

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Elegance in a hurry

Want to know what really grinds my gears? 1. Cooking after your guests arrive 2. Intentionally hot cold-dishes (aka dishes that are supposed to be hot but are served cold). If you’ve been confronted with this same dilemma, then Steak … Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Go for the Gold

I’ve referred to it in past posts, raved about it over the last 12 months and waited patiently as frigid cold days turned into unbearably humid nights. But finally, we had a time and an occasion to make my sister’s … Continue reading

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Las Paletas

After dinner we all crave a little something sweet, and to beat the summer heat we also want something that will cool us down. For my birthday last year, Sarah and Rachel got me the greatest invention this side of … Continue reading

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Shrimp is the fruit of the sea

I am a firm believer in shifting my diet with the seasons and my surroundings. When it’s too cold to spend a millisecond outdoors, my oven slow cooking brisket for hours on end doubles as a much welcomed heat source… … Continue reading

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Ode to Fly Baboo

Continuing with the greek theme, when I’m kind of stumped at a restaurant and don’t know what to order, I pick the greek salad. It’s got everything one could want in a salad- saltiness (olives), non-overpowering delicious cheese (feta), some … Continue reading

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Meatless Mondays: Gresham goes Greek

My amazing friend (and college roommate) Lindsey moved to Hoboken a little over a month ago and while most manhattanites (including myself at times) consider going to Hoboken more like vacation travel arrangements you have to plan in advance than … Continue reading

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My Nashville New York

While I love New York and can’t begin to think of anywhere else I’d rather be living right now, what I love even more is my ability to fictitiously escape the siren-filled city that never sleeps and mentally slip into … Continue reading

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Roasted or Raw

The thing I missed most while I was in India was simply done vegetables. They had some vegetables, like potatoes, cauliflower, and tomatoes but they were smothered in ghee and cooked down so much they hardly resembled their original form, … Continue reading

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An Unforgettable Trip

Namaste! We are back from one of the greatest and life-changing trips I have yet to experience. Traveling through India brought us face to face with both the unexpected and the unimaginable. This country is overflowing with a vibrant culture, … Continue reading

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